An All Denominational Church

Chapel of the Divine Spirit

Declaration of Principles

1. We believe in God, our creator, the divine spiritual infinite intelligence.

2. We believe that thou shall love one another.

3. We recognize the God consciousness in us all.

4. We believe that all of creation is an expression of infinite intelligence.

5. We believe that every person’s inner beliefs constitute their True Religion.

6. We affirm that there is life after life.

7. We believe that communication with Spirit is a natural occurrence.

8. We believe we manifest our own happiness or unhappiness.

9. We believe in the natural laws of the universe through the expression of body, soul and spirit.

10. We proclaim that progression is open to all spirits and souls here and hereafter.

11. We believe in the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

12. We believe that the gift of prophecy and healing are Divine attributes as proven in the Bible, Holy Scriptures and Ancient Texts.