An All Denominational Church

Chapel of the Divine Spirit


Rev. Sandra Spaldi - Pastor         

Rev. Beverley Sparks - Minister

Rev. Rita Kerrigan - Minister

Rev. Pam Dore - Minister

Rev. Patricia Seger - Minister

​​Spiritual Beliefs and Studies

Divine Metaphysics is the Science, Philosophy and Religion which accepts the existence of an infinite intelligence. It practices and teaches the spiritual truths recorded in the Holy Bible and other sacred Scriptures.  Paramount among the spiritual truths is the fact that life is continuous , the change called death is merely a rebirth into a world of higher vibration. This truth is proven through communication, by means of mental and physical Medium-ship, with loved ones and teachers who live in the spiritual world.

1. A Divine Metaphysician is one who believes, as the basis of his or her own religion, in communication between this and the Spirit world. From Spirit thru Spirit to Spirit.

2. A Medium is a person having psychic abilities who receive vibrations from the spirit world.

3. A Spiritual Healer is an instrument used by Spirit for healing energies to be received 
by the person being healed.

4. Spiritual Healing is one of the special phases of Medium-ship and Divine Metaphysics 
that uses the understanding and power of the Holy Spirit and Natural Universal Laws to heal body, mind, and Spirit.